Sunday, June 17, 2007

Literacy Learning using Digital Storytelling

Embedded below is a movie clip of the digital stories that my First, Second and Third Graders created. I saw them edit and revise their storyboards and scripts since they knew they were going to have a real audience.

I like what Bud the Teacher said in his blog,

"The change comes when we begin to realize the power of sharing the information, of making the walls more transparent."

The Learning and Laptops blog features ninth grade honors students as they explored the BIG question, "What does literature say about human beings?"

Emotions come to the surface as I witness literacy learning at its most real and meaningful level.



Tina Coffey said...

I found your blog through Twitter and have enjoyed reading it. These digital stories are great!!! I can tell how hard your students worked. I'd like to use them as examples, if that's okay.

I see that you are in too!

LifeLongLearner said...

Feel free Tina.

My students and I would be honored to have you use our digital stories as examples.

Margo in VA