Monday, May 28, 2007

Finished products: PSA using iMovie

Here is what my students created using iMovie software.

Public Service Announcements

I enjoyed seeing the students apply their writing skills as they wrote drafts of their scripts.
Limiting the clips to 15 sec. caused a lot of discussion about what are the main ideas to cover in the message.

Attending the Northeast Discovery Educators Conference in Valley Forge was my place for inspiration. I love to integrate technology into our learning in real life ways.


finnegan said...


I stumbled on this post, looking for Harrisonburg area blogs to add to and this one looks interesting.

I'm leaving a comment because I didn't see an email in your profile.

If you start posting here again, and want LifeLongLearner to be added to the aggregator, email me at hburgnews[at]


LifeLongLearner said...

Sure, go ahead and add LifeLongLearner to the aggregator.

Thanh said...

hburgnews/hburgblogs aggregator is how I stumbled onto this blog, lifelonglearner.

Also, this PSA idea is really neat. I think its a great way to get students engaged in healthier lifestyles. Does your school have a morning "TV show" that these PSAs are shown on? How are your students sharing their PSAs with others? I'd like to suggest this idea with other teachers and health professionals in the area - particulary those I know working with RMH, Safe Kids of the Central Shenandoah Valley, and the Healthy Community Council.

Any ideas you'd like to share would be appreciated. Thanks!

LifeLongLearner said...

Thanks for noticing and commenting about our students' public service announcements. We had initially planned with the local TV station, WHSV TV3, about possibly using them with their CHILDREN FIRST approach. In the end we didn't make the cut or achieve the needed level of video/voice quality. Our second choice was to post it to this blog and share in our school setting at Mountain View Elementary School. Our Student Council Association does a fantastic job with the MVES Morning TV news broadcast every morning LIVE and with student led passion and energy!

Shantell said...

Good words.