Sunday, July 02, 2006

LifeLongLearner...begins a new chapter

Howdy out there.

I'm looking forward to using this site to interact with educators and students. What new thoughts and inspirations are on your minds?

I have more questions than answers:
How can I make learning real for my Challenge (Gifted Ed. students K-5)?
How can the integration of technology into the curriculum really make a difference?

I've just been at a five day Discovery Educator Network Regional Conference. Now I'm so inspired to incorporate new ideas and techniques into my lessons.
Thanks to Aaron Smith for his inspiring workshop on blogging.
Map Track
Gcast podcast

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Art Guy said...

When I'm integrating technology into my lessons, I always ask myself "How will this help them out there in the 'real world?'"

If I can't answer that question, then they're only doing busy work. (And even the younger kids can figure that out.)